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Idea: ultimate juicing & smoothie recipes & tips - 6th edition

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Discover the Power of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with Easy and Delicious
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Hi, I'm Bob Hannum and I juice every day with special recipes that help
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to consume each day. Who does? And here's a shocker! Did you know
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* I don't need to buy any supplements. I save so much money because
just one glass of a fresh smoothie or juice gives me all the
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Surprisingly, you'll get nutrients in a fresh juice or smoothie not
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* I juice for more energy. No matter what fresh foods I use in my
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fruit and veggie I use has hundreds of compounds that make
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* And most importantly, I juice to fight illnesses. Certain
fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices have been scientifically
proven to be effective in helping to prevent and fight many health

For Beginners - Our Free Mini-Course

You'll Learn:
1. What are the best juice and smoothie machines...
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6. Recipes proven to help fight the effects of aging...
7. Powerful recipes that help fight many diseases...
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9. Latest tips and tricks for the beginner and expert alike...

For the Experienced Juice & Smoothie Lover

See all the many advanced topics in the menu on the right that you
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And if you'd like all this information at your fingertips (over 250
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- Ervin, CA
I'll send you your first free lesson right away so sign up now in the
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* Can anyone tell me exactly how often I should clean my fish tank?
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